/BiggerPockets Money Podcast 71: 5 Years to Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing With Sarah P.

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 71: 5 Years to Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing With Sarah P.

Like so many of our guests, Sarah P. did not grow up understanding how money works. She wasn’t bad with money, she just wasn’t very good with it.

She learned about financial independence through Mr. Money Mustache and completely revamped her finances, incorporating frugality and minimalism with investing to completely fund her lifestyle. Her goal was security, and financial freedom made a lot of sense.

Real estate was intriguing, and Google kept directing her to BiggerPockets. She started buying real estate, eventually accumulating 14 units in three states over the course of four years.

Sarah cemented her success by having a large cash cushion to shield her from the surprises that real estate throws at you—a trait most successful real estate investors have.

Making smart, money-conscious decisions allowed her to retire at the age of 30 from traditional work, so she can now spend time doing what she loves without regard to how much it pays.

Sarah and her husband are truly living their best lives because passive real estate investments fund everything they do.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Sarah’s journey with money
  • How she discovered Mr. Money Mustache
  • Having security as her financial blueprint
  • Her financial position before she discovered financial independence
  • Being conscious of the purchases she makes and officially retiring at 30
  • What their annual spending looks like
  • Other investments they have and creation of their real estate portfolio
  • How she financed her first townhouse
  • Total number of properties she owns
  • The importance of having cash reserves
  • Her recommendation to anyone who doesn’t have a huge reserve
  • Her total lifestyle expenses once her mortgage is eliminated
  • Their healthcare plans
  • And SO much more!

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  • “Be conservative because you don’t know what you don’t know.” (Tweet This!)

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